Psychic, clairvoyant, Intuitive, empath, and emotional healer, helping people for over 15 years to become emotionally and spiritually balanced. I believe your angels and guides led you here. My readings specialize in love and relationship, difficulties in family relation, marriage, and life direction. If you need clarity, guidance, and support towards a situation or a person, I will bring forward your Angels for messages and answers. I truly believe that your angels will never leave you feeling empty. Sorry, I DO NOT READ ON MEDICAL OR PREGNANCY. If you want to release blockages, end cycles, work on higher vibration, and see things shift in your life then it’s time to work with your Angels.

I connect with energy through name so please always include your name to receive messages and answers. Angels want you to understand your situation and help you to overcome any concern or problem you may have. Begin to communicate with them and see your life transform. If you need answers, guidance, clarity or Whatever is holding you back, Angels can help you move forward and be successful in life.

Additional Information:

I’m very fortunate to have this gift! I come to you and everyone else from the bottom of my heart. I use my gift with good intentions. My readings are comfortable, affordable, honest, and uplifts your energy. My goal is to help you begin your journey to self-healing and provide answers to lead you in the right direction. Looking forward to connecting with you.

Ann Howard


Texas, USA, Texas, United States, TX, United States, TX, USA

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