Giving instant relief to clients as she provides clarity about relationships, career, locations, important decision making, destiny, pets, loved ones in this life and the afterlife and more…! Ask questions – Get answers…Plus Native American Astrology Life path destiny reading reveals life purpose talents and characteristics..

I measure energy fields.

I work with TOOLS and uses specifics like names, dates and photographs in order to give you information. Readings simultaneously include: clairsentience, clairvoyance and clairaudience..

Radiesthesia READINGS- Remote Viewing – ESP – Measuring Energy Fields:
Perfect for people who would like Investigate certain parts of life. For specific consultations about: health, love, business, locations, investments, criminology and more … Radiesthesia is an interactive type of reading where you give me photos or first names of people, places, and things along with specific questions and I give you answers!

I CAN TELL YOU: with Radiesthesia Dowsing* (Pendulum)…

1) Career: I can tell you what career best suits your energy right now. How to improve productivity …
2) Specifics about locations / products / investments / relationships
3) Afterlife: about pets and loved ones Both in this world and in the spirit world
4) Love: what your partner likes / desires / needs
5) Compatibility: Between couples / family members / employees / anyone
6) Specifics about people’s disposition / personality / attitude / health / desires
7) Random Specifics: Any important question you have I can answer about the best name for your business, the best way to see yourself and the people who you are Involved with, who is best equipped to be charge, the best physician for you, the best lawyer / teacher and people’s thoughts and feelings…
8) Invisible Forces: Angels, spirits, ancestral spirit protectors, animal spirit protectors, visitations by entities,beings, ghosts, spirits and anything unexplained.
9) Animals, Humans and Beings: I can tune into what any being feels thinks and what would be good for him or her. Also I can see what their purpose in your life is.

Mayan Tribal Horoscope Readings

Perfect for people who do not have specific questions and who would love to know about their path in life…

This reading Reveals: inherited gifts and talents, characteristics, life lessons…and more! Also great for those who want to learn about Mayan culture and to understand their families, loved ones, and employees on a deeper level! It takes 1 hour to complete a reading for one person. A condensed sample reading is available that takes10 minutes.

I CAN TELL YOU: with the Use of Kiche Mayan Calendar :

1) Everything about a persons talents / characteristics / careers / personality
2) If someone is born advanced: spiritually / socially or materially
3) What a person’s Life Lessons are
4) What Kind of life a person lives and if they have political power
5) Compatibility for Couples and Family Members… Get ready to Laugh!
6) Auspicious days to Plan Special events according to Mayan Calendar
7) Past, Present, Future influences and more…!
8) Your K’iche Mayan Spirit Protectors, Mayan Name and Your Mayan Numbers…

Please visit me anytime at where you can find more information about my services and read over 200 of my reviews.

I recommend that have paper and pen ready to take notes as I am fast at giving information and am channeling the information so I will not retain the information I share with you. That is why I suggest you take notes. Also feel free to interrupt me anytime during your reading.


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