What makes a session with Barb extraordinary is her wit, honesty and compassion Barb Mather is a psychic & medium from Western Canada, who reads via phone, in person or skype video worldwide.
She’s the illegitimate love-child of Reality and Straightforwardness who gets incredibly irritated by those who have a need to claim to be better than another.
She chose this career because it allowed her to provide for her family and still be able to mother her children while being flexible with working hours. She thinks differently than most people, She applies logic, reason and emotional aspects in equal proportion to the solution of problems.
She has an unusual amount of intuition when it comes to people, She is able to figure out motivations and intentions with a high rate of accuracy.
She explains that she doesn’t fit stereotypes very well. “I am often the odd one out in a group. I surprise people often with my reactions and perspectives. I love being different, surprising and not fitting stereotypes. I’m rather pleased to be me. I have a great self esteem and good confidence which makes me willing to seek out and accept challenges which I may not appear to be able to deliver on initially.
I’m not afraid of failure. In fact I think it is an essential part of the experimental process that gets you to success.”



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