“In the day after our session, the eczema healed completely . . . I feel I have been processing some of the emotional background issues that came up during the last session . . . I just wanted to say again, how wonderful, how incredible I felt after the session with you! It is just amazing how much better I feel! Thank you so much for your healing and compassionate insights. Thank you again for what has been a life-changing experience!” – NM

Cathy is a clairvoyant practitioner of multidimensional, quantum transformation and energy healing, a conscious co-creation/self-awareness specialist, and a Matrix Energetics® Certified Practitioner, offering remote transformational readings, online classes, webinars and guided meditations, energetic life coaching, and more. A lifelong mystic, Cathy has spent decades studying quantum physics, the teachings of ascended masters, and in countless thousands of hours of meditational “school,” keenly sharpening her clairvoyance and ability to shift vibrational focus with her clients into better, healthier, happier versions of themselves. In the last ten years Cathy has helped clients across the country and around the world manifest more joy, success, abundance and health in their lives.

What Are Transformational Readings Effective For? Literally Everything…

Health – Relationships – Finances – Anxiety –
Illness – Pain – Self-Esteem – Personal Empowerment

“Whether or not we are aware of it, we are all multidimensional vibrational beings, with all of our nearly infinite possibilities of storyline and experience available to us, now, in a sort of infinite present (physicists calls this the quantum vacuum field of possibility/
probability). In our sessions, I will clairvoyantly see where you are vibrating in energetic patterns of pain, struggle, lack, depression, anxiety, or illness, and, guided by your higher self, will help you step out limitations and blockages, and into vibrational alignment with the happiest, healthiest, best version of you, living your best life.

It might help you to think of radio waves and stations: All the radio frequencies in your area of the country are actually present in the room with you, but to access the station you want to listen to, you have to tune your receiver to the desired frequency. In sessions I become your clairvoyant radio receiver and tuner: I see where you have been tuned into an unpleasant station, filled with static and bleed throughs of other music you don’t even like. By shifting my focus to where you are vibrating in the happiest, healthiest version of you, I help you move your tuner to the clear, custom-tailored station that is perfect for you.

Our sessions happen energetically, outside of space-time, so they are just as effective done remotely as if they were done in person. They always involve clairvoyant perception of your deeply held ideas, attitudes, beliefs and expectations about yourself, and a clearing of any obstructions to your healthiest, happiest, true authentic flow. The sessions are multi-level in that I help you “re-tune” your station at all energetic levels: If you have a disease and/or structural or chemical imbalance, we may make corrections at the energetic holograph level, even at the DNA, cellular and bodily systems level, but we’ll also find and change those deeply held under-patterns that are showing up in your body as illness and pain in the first place. We may make alterations in the energetic dynamics of family relationships, or roles you’ve taken on that are no longer authentic to you.

I have a virtually infinite “tool chest” of modalities to draw upon (which act as road maps that help me follow your energetic changes) – from DNA correction, to chakra clearing and balancing, to electron spin and vortex healing, to universal healing frequencies, to time travel, the infusion of elemental energies, and much more. But every single session is different, and I follow the information in your new, better “station” live, in real-time, and in whatever way it appears in the moment. The longer I do this work, the more I find myself bypassing traditional tools and just working directly with the source energies involved. I have completed thousands of sessions and helped clients across the country and around the world change their lives for the better. I look forward to helping you change your life experience for the better!”

Cathy is originally from the east coast, and holds Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees from The Peabody Institute of the Johns Hopkins University. She studied and applied the principles of conscious co-creation throughout her long and successful career in sales and marketing before turning her energies to her full time career as a clairvoyant transformational practitioner, teacher and intuitive life coach. Cathy currently resides in the country outside of Casper, Wyoming with her husband and two horses.

Read more about Cathy and her transformational readings at www.cathyhazeladams.com


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