What makes a person more uneasy than a life question that remains unanswered?

Deena Janel works with people who need their questions answered quickly, accurately and honestly. Her clients continue to return because she is a no-nonsense reader who provides answers in a straight forward, yet compassionate way. All Deena needs is your first name to begin to provide you with guidance from Spirit.

Deena advises on past, present and future events by channeling various physical realms, while using her intuition, and guidance from Spirit.

Are these the types of questions to which you’re seeking answers?
*When will I ever find my soulmate?
*Is the person I’m currently seeing “The One?”
*Is it time to start a new relationship?
*Is it time for a career change?
*Will I ever be able to repair my relationship with my parent/sibling/child/spouse?
*Are my health concerns valid?
*What should I do?
*How can I send a message to—or receive a message from—my loved one who’s on the other side?
*How can I be sure that my human and pet loved ones are okay on the other side?

Born a natural clairvoyant, Deena has fully developed her Evidentiary Mediumship, through her four metaphysical senses:
· Claircognizance: Clear Knowing
· Clairaudience: Clear Hearing
· Clairvoyance: Clear Seeing
· Clairempathy: Clear Feeling

So what questions do you have that remain unanswered? Are you in need of healing, guidance and/or comfort?


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