Denise Lescano is an International Professional Psychic and Spirit Medium, Intuitive Consultant & Author of “The Messenger”, Spirit Works Publishing-*She has been Tested as legitimate and *Endorsed as a Professional Research Medium by several scientific organizations which are listed on her website.. Denise has a rock solid reputation for having very clear communication with the spirit world & providing very personal, detailed and “evidential” messages from loved ones. Her work is unprecedented, groundbreaking and highly unusual. HER PROFESSIONAL CREDENTIALS ARE UNPARALLELED IN THE PSYCHIC COMMUNITY…Please visit her web site to see why she is like no other and read more about her credentials and experience.

“Quite frankly, Denise (Lescano) is one of the best mediums in the world today, and the information she communicates from “across the veil” is literally astounding at times.”
Dennis Grega Ph.D Research Project


Florida Keys, Florida, USA, Florida Keys, Florida, United States, Florida Keys, Florida, United States, Florida Keys, FL, USA

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