I am a clairvoyant, clairaudient, psychic-intuitive medium and have highly cinematic visions. Mediumship is a deeply important part of this work for me. My purpose as an intuitive/psychic reader is to describe what I see for you in terms of past influences, present circumstances and creating a future you’d like to experience. I use a specific method I developed called intuitive stream drawing (see more in Making Marks: Discover the Art of Intuitive Drawing/Simon and Schuster). I also focus on how the chakras or emotional centers of your body speak to you to help empower you, and to access your own intuitive intelligence. My intent is to strengthen each person who comes to me, and their connection to the Source of All Life. We are experiencing life to create and to learn through situations. I am a spiritual, figurative artist using art and visions to reach illumination. I am an author and artist of books in intuition and my readings will help you develop your intuition, including A LITTLE BIT of ANGELS, A LITTLE BIT of FAIRIES (Sterling 2018) and my book MAKING MARKS:Discover the Art of Intuitive Drawing (Simon and Schuster/Beyond Words 2014). My book ILLUMINARA INTUITIVE JOURNAL WITH CARDS and TREE of LIFE ORACLE both were created to help others develop their intuitive intelligence through visual imagery. I have practiced in-person intuitive readings and Reiki at wellness centers in NYC on 5th Ave, in my studio in Westport, CT and now also in Atlanta, GA. Contact me at elaineclaytonreadings@gmail.com or through my website, www.elaineclayton.com


Connecticut, USA, Connecticut, United States, CT, USA, CT, United States

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