Holly Matthews has been PHD Certified tested with the following results for her abilities: 95%+ Clairvoyance (clear seeing); 95%+ Precognition; 98% Retrocognition; 92% Telepathy; 92% Remote Viewing. Holly has been licensed since 2009.

• President/Organizer of East Valley Psychic’s (1445 Members)

• Listed in “The Best Psychic Directory” and “Medium Channel”

• Lectures at Phoenix Art Institute & South West Institute of Holistic Arts

• Member of Arizona Research and Mediumship Society

• Voice America Radio Show Host: “Unleashing Your Psychic Abilities”

• Voice America Radio Show Co-Host: “The Place for Unleashing Your Psychic Abilities”

• Voice of America Radio Show Co-Host: “The Quantum Crew”

• Reiki treatments provided for currently 73 countries and 42 states

• Member of “Best Psychic Network” directory

• Co-Organizer of “Scottsdale Spiritual Development” Meetup group (6,103 members)

• Ordained Minister, Spiritual Counselor, Dr. of Metaphysics

• Certified Munay-ki Shaman & Facilitator, Soul Retrieval

• Master in Reiki/Seichem, Kundalini, Tibetan, Prismology, Full Spectrum, KunGold, Atlantean Crystal, Lemurian Crystal, 12 Strand DNA Activation, 24 Strand DNA Activation, Deep Red Reiki, Sacred Crystal Ray, LaHoChi 13th Octave Healing, Mar’Kai Systems Lord

•Nominated 4 times for the prestigious “Who’s Who in America”

•Featured Article in the Phoenix Magazines top 100 professional people yearly publication

•Received Best of 2013 & 2015 in Gilbert Awards Business Program

Additional Information: 

Psychic Readings are available for questions about your life path, relationships, career, in her office with individualized attention. Spiritual Readings help you to learn how to connect with your Spirit Guide, their name, personality, and specific insights for your life path, and provides in-depth dimensional information about your life outside of earth. She conducts her practice with the highest of integrity. If you are looking for the “real deal” you have found her. You’ll enjoy her warmth, her laughter and her ability to touch your heart. Please see testimonials: https://www.azspiritualmedium.com/testimonials.html


Arizona City, AZ, USA, Arizona City, AZ, United States, Arizona City, Arizona, USA, Arizona City, Arizona, United States

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