Jocelyn is a naturally gifted evidential psychic medium and spiritual healer. She has over 15 years of professional experience. She received the most remarkable gift of being able to communicate with the other side when she was 3 years old.

Jocelyn started her career as an Accountant after high school. After a few years she was guided to leave the Corporate office to pursue her natural healing abilities.

Born with these gifts and seeing spirit in everyday life, she was taught and trained to use her gifts with Divine purpose and understanding.

Her compassion, wisdom and calming nature enables my clients to feel comfortable and at ease, as she passes along incredibly accurate and personal information. Jocelyn brings warmth and humor to her public demonstrations. Her messages reinforce that our departed loved ones are always around us, and that the spirit lives on.

Jocelyn has a very strong connection with the spirit realm and has a strong reputation of being honest, accurate and gifted. She has been featured in newspapers and on radio.

She has utilized her BA Degree in Holistic Health and Alternative Medicine and is currently working on publishing her first book. Jocelyn is a Certified Evidential Medium, Certified Reiki Master Practitioner, Certified Shamanic Practitioner, Certified Lightrian Angel facilitator, Certified Akashic Practitioner, Past life regressionist, Teacher and trainer.

Additional Information:

Jocelyn will work with anyone who needs life coaching, wants to receive a message from spirit or whoever is in the need of a healing treatment. Jocelyn hosts monthly workshops and development classes for those who are interested. She has opened up her own Healing Wellness Center in Hampton NH for those who would like a personal healing, reading or to develop your gifts.


New Hampshire, USA, NH, USA, New Hampshire, United States

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