Kristi Borst’s Healing Resonance ~ Mind-Body-Spirit-Emotions Practitioner. Emotional Intuitive. Meta-Physician. Energy Healing, Metaphysical Transmutation, and Intuitive Spiritual/Emotional/Physical identification to release the root of Physical Pain, Emotional Trauma, Low Emotions, Spiritual Disconnect, Ancestral Patterns (healing self and bloodline), out-dated Contracts, etc. Distance and in-person 30-minute readings and 1-hour reading/healing sessions.

Who will you be without your stories of pain and limitations? What are the emotional or physical pains in your body hiding? Kristi can help intuit and shift underlying traumas, blocks and obsolete programs that might be running you, so your wellness and joy can emerge. Online booking for distance and in-person readings & sessions. On-demand targeted Kore Healing sessions also offered.

“Together we can work to release underlying thought patterns, conditioning, triggers, and/or negative energy blocking your health and joy. I AM able to assist others in healing with my innate abilities and life-shifting method. I am a medical/emotional/spiritual intuitive and healing facilitator.”

“One of my abilities is to communicate with and positively affect the energy-based, non-visible yet real dimensions of the being, the so-called meta-physical. I am also able to communicate with and support your individual body parts and natural inclination toward wellness and joy.”

“My unique combination of voice/sound healing, energy healing and psychic communication with my client’s subtle energy bodies & Higher Self is called Perspective Reboot® because significant change can happen in mere moments. I frequently witness what others call ‘miracles’ through this love-based energy healing.”

“I help clients connect with their inner direction and hope where there has previously been disconnect. One of my unique gifts is rapid and complete healing of wounded inner children selves. People who are feeling ill, stuck, or recognize a lack of joy benefit from these sessions.”

“We are energetic beings … so much more than just our bodies; yet for most of us, regular and/or periodic energy healing has not been something we have even considered. Trapped emotions, energy blocks and traumas can affect us on a mental, emotional, physical and even spiritual layer. These are the areas in which I excell.”

“Many of my clients are individuals who haven’t been helped by traditional Western approaches. Through my group and one-to-one session work, they’ve been able to clearly see and escape the story or stories that are underlying myriad physical, emotional, mental and/or spiritual discomforts OR release traumas, self-limiting beliefs, and energy blocks. I am offering a Healing Resonance that truly helps.”

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“Awareness = The Power of Choice = The Power to Change. We are here to be in JOY!”

“I also offer Post Surgical Pain-Relief/Healing Acceleration sessions which are appropriate when someone is injured. This type of session also addresses underlying emotional and/or spiritual components which would not be addressed by surgery alone. With the release of trauma at the incision points and/or from the invasive procedures, most people find they are way ahead of recovery schedule when they start physical therapy. This type of energy healing work greatly enhances the body’s/higher self’s ability to heal.”

One-hour Perspective Reboot® sessions are offered in person in Wells, Maine, or via voice and energetic connectivity throughout the world (a minimum of 24-hour advanced notice and submission of an intake form is required for all appointments … 24/7 online booking available).

In addition to one-to-one private sessions, Kristi works with groups via telephone, speaking to and working with each participant as if they were the only one on the call. Kristi’s Kore HealingSM group telephone sessions, which focus on specific areas of the body (chakra systems) are available on demand. Visit her site … Kristi also offers a myriad of free self-help tools and empowerment articles there and through social media.

If doctors have been unable to find what is wrong with you, if you no longer want to rely on drugs to mask symptoms, if you know that your decisions/behaviors are not in line with your highest and best, if “obsolete programming” and/or old emotional hurts are running like an 8-track and holding you back, if you feel STUCK, contact Kristi for Perspective Reboot® Healing Resonance session. If you want more wellness & joy, book your appointment!


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