Today, Melody serves as a Soul Navigator, one who utilizes her lifelong learning to provide extensive information in guided individual sessions, revealing one’s life purpose using the gifts and talents each of us has brought into this lifetime. She identifies challenges and opportunities, showing us there is no limit to what we can do once we know how to seek and live on the Path we are meant to travel. These sessions are intuitively guided and receive input from Spirit Guides. As Melody shares the Gifts of the Path, we can move forward at an accelerated pace, taking our souls from ordinary to their extraordinary destinations.

As a medium, Melody receives messages connecting us with loved ones on the Other Side. She conducts her sessions with a solid background, having been trained in the evidential method of Mediumship. As an artist, she is skilled in Spirit Portraits. Her drawings can depict not only loved ones who have crossed, but also Spirit Guides, who, through love, help show how we, too, may make the best choices to move along our own Soul Path.

Melody’s private sessions are a place of healing and safety, bringing forth messages and images from loved ones and spirit guides.

She is a member of the ‘International Absent Healing Team’ with the Inner Quest Foundation in Canada. She hosts a monthly TV Broadcast on A Course in Miracles and programs on mediumship. Her workshops and guest appearances on the TV show, Love Unleashed, are open invitations to recognize the infinite power and beauty of the soul. For more information go to


Virginia Beach, VA, USA, Virginia Beach, VA, United States, Virginia Beach, Virginia, USA, Virginia Beach, Virginia, United States

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