Michelle is a globally recognized psychic medium and intuitive life coach and is the host of a popular psychic development podcast at iTunes. She’s also the author of the award-winning psychic development book, Take the Leap: What It Really Means to Be Psychic.

Michelle was honored to be featured at Hay House Radio in May 2016 to discuss her book and was also a speaker at the 2017 Hay House World Summit, the world’s largest health and wellness event. She is delighted to be an invitee to numerous Hay House Live events throughout the U.S. and Canada over the past few years. Be sure to follow our newsletter at www.MichelleBeltran.com to join Michelle at one of these amazing events!

Michelle is known for her uncanny accuracy and insights. Her work brings forth powerful changes on a personal level. The sincerity, charisma, and the certainty of her readings have influenced people across the whole spectrum of humanity. A gracious, caring approach is essential to a spiritual teacher. In her unique way, Michelle is able to tap into powerful energies and offer her clients insights that are life-changing. Her ultimate purpose is the realization of your full potential.

Michelle’s gift of intuition has served everyday people, entrepreneurs, therapists, professional athletes, CEOs, celebrities, housewives, teachers, and others who seek understanding and want to live life wholeheartedly and to the fullest. All of us, on the deepest level, seek to perfect our own humanity and to capture the life that honours our soul. Michelle also believes that personal growth and global change are inseparably related. Large, global changes must begin inside each one of us. In the words of Ghandi, “You must be the change you wish to see in the world.”


– Feature interview in Author Spotlight segment at Spirituality & Health Magazine, February 2019

– Invitee, 2019 Hay House Live, Portland

– Invitee, 2019 Hay House Live, Houston

– Invitee, 2018 Hay House Live, Las Vegas

– Invitee, 2018 Hay House Live, Toronto, Canada

– Speaker, 3rd Annual Goddess Talk Sessions

– Speaker, 2017 Hay House World Summit

– Awarded 2017 Psychic of the Year

– Tested as legitimate

– Om Times Magazine Cover Story, September 2016

– Appeared in Spirituality & Health Magazine

– Featured at Hay House Radio, May 2016

– “A most trusted psychic medium worldwide” by UFOs & Supernatural Magazine, published in The Register of the United States and World’s Best and Most Trusted Psychics, Mediums and Healers in International Rank Order 2012

– Author and contributing writer to OM Times Magazine, Finer Minds and Conscious Life News

– Michelle’s inaugural book, Take the Leap: What It Really Means to Be Psychic, was published September 2015

– Coauthor with Sunny Dawn Johnston of the books, 365 Days of Angel Prayers and 111 Morning Meditations

– Host of a popular psychic development podcast at iTunes that debuted February 2016

– Feature interview, Psychic Superstar, released at OM Times Magazine December 2012

– Appeared on Blog Talk Radio discussing mediumship December 2011

– Psychic Medium for FindMe searching for missing persons

– Graduate, Advanced Controlled Remote Viewing Course with renowned Dr. Paul Smith formerly assigned to U.S. government’s Stargate Project

– Certified life coach through New York Times best-selling author, health & wellness expert, and spiritual teacher Deborah King

– Certified relationship coach through Dr. John Gray, international relationship expert and author of Men Are from Mars, Women Are from Venus

– Operational controlled remote viewer working under assignment by Debra L. Katz and Dr. Angela Thompson Smith respected authors and remote viewers

– In August, 2012, Michelle participated in a high profile real world operational controlled remote viewing assignment to locate the infamous Amelia Earhart. See article at Eight Martinis Magazine, Issue 9

– Graduate, Mystic Shift Mediumship Program

– Attended Reno and Chico Psychic Institutes


California City, CA, USA, California City, CA, United States, California City, California, USA, California City, California, United States

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