Author of You Are Not Broken. I am a nonjudgmental psychic empath, medium, soul reader, and healer. I give honest answers and guidance on how to resolve your challenges. The pandemic has brought great change and uncertainty and I am here to help you navigate through it successfully, answering your questions about money, career, love, etc. I have over 430,000 views to my YouTube Psychic Empath, Healing, Spiritual Defense and Intention Manifestation training tutorials and spiritual shows. Click on the link in my profile to watch and learn how to cleanse your energy and more. Do you have questions about your financial future? Need answers about your relationships? Not sure if you are on the right career path? Tired of dead-end love affairs? Sick of feeling stuck? I am a Psychic Empath, Medium, Energy and Aura Reader, Soul Reader and Energy and Aura Reader. As your Psychic Counselor, my goal is to empower you to take back your life and live it to the fullest. With each reading, I will send you healing energy as well. Then, using the technique that resonates best with you, be it tarot, crystal ball, intuitive or energy readings, we will come up with the additional answers you need.

Rhonda Harris-Choudhry is a professional Psychic, Medium, Healer, Hypnotherapist, Metaphysician and Henna Artist. She is the author of the book, You Are Not Broken –
How to Retrain Your Brain, Clean up Your Energy and Use Emotional Shapeshifting to Raise Your Vibration and Manifest Your Desires With Special Attention to Empaths and Other Highly Sensitive People. She has been using her psychic and healing gifts to help others since she was a teenager.

Rhonda offers several different types of readings in order to cater to a diverse set of clients. She understands that different people resonate with different types of readings. She is a trained empath who blends her intuition with Oracle Cards, Crystal Balls, pendulums and unique energy reading skills to ensure a thorough comprehensive reading for her clients. She also believes in empowering her clients with knowledge and wisdom to help them to overcome their challenges. To help accomplish this goal, she created a YouTube channel filled with empowering tutorials on intention manifestation, shielding techniques, etc. You can watch her YouTube tutorials at By blending her intuitive and empathic abilities with her knowledge and healing energy, she strives to help others to heal, be happy and truly live up to their full potentials.

By combining her gifts as a Spiritual Advisor, Psychic, Reiki Master, Empath, and Light Worker, Rhonda helps people to heal, regain their focus and get back on a positive path. Rhonda also leads the Goddess Spirituality Learning Circle Meetup group and teaches classes including psychic awareness, healing, self-love, meditation and various types of metaphysics and uses henna art to also heal and restore peace to her clients.


New Mexico, USA, New Mexico, United States, NM, USA, NM, United States

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