Accurate, compassionate, revealing. Personal and business intuition. Mediumship (people and animals). Animal communication. Past life regression. Soul progression clearing with energy healing. Spiritual awakening. Spiritual journeys.

I am an intuitive and spiritual consultant and certified past life regression specialist based in Seattle, Washington. I combine over 25 years of creative business experience with practical, intuitive insight so you can get an edge at home and at work.

I offer intuitive and spiritual insight to assist you on your path: add it to your own insight and common sense. The world needs you at your best!

Here are some testimonials from my website.

“Robyn’s connection with the other side, whether it’s an intuitive session or animal communication or mediumship, whatever it is, is open and direct, making her work and teaching relevant and useful. Other psychics make it seem so complex and mysterious, which makes the message and teaching less relevant. For Robyn it’s all part of daily life, and that is powerful.” – Paul

“Robyn is the “real deal” as far as psychics go. The information that came through was accurate and clear! If you are ready to open up to an expanded sense of the Universe, see Robyn. No brainer!” – Deena

Here’s how I can help (and am honored to do so).


PERSONAL INTUITION: I can help you look at personal issues, including work, relationships, and family, to help you claim your power to be your best self. We can do 15, 30, or 60 minute sessions, or buy an hour and use it up in 15-minute segments.

BUSINESS INTUITION: I can help businesses, from solopreneurs to corporations, explore employee and client relationships, chart progress, review products, examine alternative paths forward, and help create strong teams that use their intuition to grow the business and their skills. Again: 15, 30, or 60-minute sessions, or buy an hour and use it up in 15-minute segments.

MEDIUMSHIP: I help people connect with deceased people and animals, including the newly deceased. I work with my father, Ray, in the afterlife, who can see energy lines between the living and the dead. I offer loving, direct connections that help heal grief on both sides, resolve lingering doubts and issues, and get closure. Sessions are comforting, healing, compassionate, warm, and hopeful, proving that consciousness survives death and that it’s okay to move on. One hour sessions only.

ANIMAL COMMUNICATION: It’s all about the human-animal bond. Issues include: family harmony, behavior and health (health issues must always be taken to a veterinarian); lost animals; dying and death, including supporting the entire family through the dying process; and connecting with deceased animals. Times: 15, 30, and 60-minute sessions, or emergency lost/ill animals: $155/half hour.

SPACE CLEARING: I energetically clear homes and businesses by meshing the needs and wants of people and their spaces. This includes disturbed spaces, real estate buy/sell, remodels/new builds, choosing properties/land, clearing after trauma, celebrating milestones. Yes, this can be done by Skype. Contact me for fees.


I am a spiritual consultant and certified past life regression specialist. I am also trained in shamanic modalities that support spiritual growth, am a licensed hypnotherapist, and a Level III Reiki practitioner.

PAST LIFE REGRESSION AND BETWEEN LIFE REGRESSION: Intuitive insight and soul regression hypnotherapy helps clients resolve traumas, fears, and phobias, PLUS tap skills from previous lives and bring them into the present. You can rapidly heal issues, discover your soul purpose, clear soul blockages, and achieve spiritual awakening that helps you move forward to create your best life. One hour or 2+ hours sessions.

SOUL PROGRESSION CLEARING, SPIRITUAL AWAKENING, SPIRITUAL JOURNEYS: Who are you? Why are you here? Where are you going, and why? What is blocking you? I can help you dig deep to find real answers, to be your best self, and help clear your blocks. Because the world needs you. One hour sessions.

I am available in person in the Seattle, Washington area or by phone or Skype. All sessions are prepaid and include PayPal fees. For coaching packages involving intuitive mentorship or soul transformation please contact me for a complimentary 15-minute consultation to explore how a package would work for you.

WHY I DO THIS WORK: I know how hard life is. I have suffered great personal loss from illness and disability, including the deaths of family, both human and animal. In searching for healing and purpose I learned how to use my intuitive and healing skills to recover and create healthy, balanced personal and work lives. It’s all about choosing to love ourselves, and then taking that out into the world. That means honoring soul choices: yes, we all came here to grow our souls, so let’s get to it!


Washington Square Park, Washington Square, New York, NY, USA, Washington Square Park, Washington Square, New York, NY, United States, Washington Square Park, Washington Square, New York, New York, USA, Washington Square Park, Washington Square, New York, New York, United States

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