I am Samantha Hamilton, a well known and renowned Psychic, Clairvoyant and Medium, well-known in the United Kingdom (often working in the Sanfrancisco Bay Area).

Same day readings available; Please Whatsapp/Call me on +44 7801567846

I specialise in Romance and Love readings, as a spiritual seeker I can tune into your vibrational energy. I have the ability to receive information from the Akashic records, an ancient spiritual vestige.

I have appeared on TV, London’s ‘Urban Retreat’, and Harrods. I also have connections to the Royal Family and the British Aristocracy.

I became established as a psychic in 1980. My gifts emanate from my Jamaican parents and our spiritual heritage. My heritage has graced me with the gifts of clairaudience (psychic hearing), clairsentience (psychic feelings), claircognisance (psychic knowing), clairvoyance and MEDIUMSHIP. As a result of my heritage, my gifts span many congenial generations.

Not only have I been teaching and sharing knowledge and guidance for years, but I have also had the gift of being able to communicate with spirit since the age of 7. I give answers to all aspects of your life, especially love/ relationships and mediumship!

I help guide SPIRITUAL SEEKERS looking to enter into the next stage of spiritual growth. Through holistic and intuitive channelling, I will help you let go of unhelpful thinking patterns, release trapped emotions and overcome obstacles which are preventing you from fulfilling your highest potential.

WhatsApp Calls welcome

I was the first psychic of afro-Caribbean descent to have my own ‘Spiritual Psychic’ column in the UK, which occurred weekly in the renowned newspaper, the Sunday Express. This allowed me to share my light internationally, with everyday people just like myself. I have given readings to a diverse range of people, including celebrities.

The United Kingdom is where I call home, and here I have been able to work with clients and improve their past-life connections, to heal and develop a holistic gateway, to be their life coach, astrologer and reiki healer. My personal passion is working with crystals, as they highly resonate with me. The Crystal Ball gives me connections to your past, present & future.
As a colour therapist, I am able to tune into a person’s auric field and energy vibration. This is useful, as it gives me deep insights in their past and how their present situation may manifest in the future.

My clairaudience means I can hear names, birth dates and specific information relevant to the person I am tapping into. I can reveal who may be coming into your life, and what changes they will bring; whether they will improve or change your situation. My claircognisance means I can see pictures (almost like a movie) sometimes from the past and the present.
Tarot cards and crystals open up the psychic eye!

In my spare time, I design quilts and work with African fabrics. In my youth, I trained as a fashion designer, and I currently make regular appearances on international TV. I believe that through my creative craftsmanship, I also manifest messages from spirit. I believe that the colours you wear tell a story. For instance, green and pink heal the heart and red brings strength, orange can change the movement of your life.

Psychic service Open 10am -10pm
Monday To Sunday


United Kingdom

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