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Sylvia Buck has been gifted since birth as a Direct Channel Clairvoyant with Remote Viewing ability. Sylvia holds her Doctorate Degree in Law, in addition to being an anchor Clairvoyant the last 18 years as a founding member of KEEN.COM the largest national and international psychic network offering immediate phone readings to clients across the globe!

As a Direct Channel, she does NOT work with Spirit Guides, but rather channels messages directly from God and the Archangels for her clients. Additionally, she is gifted in the following areas as well. Medical Intuitive-(ability to see medical issues with clients or family members of clients, even when unknown to my client and able to correctly assess what doctors are not finding), Remote Viewing-(able to see and report from great distances what others are doing, “cheating spouses”, wearing, see where lost objects, people or pets are etc.), Clairaudient-(hearing psychic messages from other realms), Empath-(the ability to “get into another person’s skin” to feel everything they are or what animals are feeling and report this to you), Animal Intuitive-(able to see illness with your pets, report on their emotional state etc.) Sylvia is well educated with a law degree (lawyer), but prefers her work as a clairvoyant and has specialized training to perform home cleansings for removal of negative spirits and ghosts. Sylvia DOES NOT GIVE “GENERAL READINGS” Please have your questions ready, as she is lightening quick with very detailed answers!

*SYLVIA IS HIGHLY GIFTED WITH ACCURATE TIMEFRAMES FOR EVENTS TO HAPPEN: Serious relationship timeframes, pregnancy conception timeframes, marriage proposal timeframes, college acceptance timeframes, job proposal timeframes ETC.

(A message directly from Sylvia for her future clients)

I am a Christian, and my readings reflect this, but I respect ALL faiths.

“I am humble and pray daily prior to my readings with clients. **I ONLY GIVE CREDIT TO GOD FOR MY GIFTS AND MESSAGES**, THEY DO NOT COME FROM ME PERSONALLY!!, they are channeled through me from God for your highest good on your life path and blueprint here on Earth.”

I look forward to helping you and will compassionately help ALL who seek THE TRUTH and messages from God for their highest good.

*** I DO NOT GIVE CANDY COATED READINGS!! YOU WILL ONLY HAVE “THE TRUTH” FROM ME*** Please DO NOT contact me for a reading if you only wish to be told what you want to hear. I am NOT that sort of psychic reader.


California, USA, California, United States, CA, USA, CA, United States

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