Tammy Stillwater is a highly detailed Remote Viewer, Clairvoyant, and Medium. She sees, hears and feels details about love and relationships, soul mates, jobs, career, money, relocation, angels, spirit guides, pets, and more. Clients often report getting goosebumps during readings, as well as clarity and peace.


Tammy is a tested and proven professional psychic. Having given over 25,000+ successful readings over the past two decades, she has many repeat clients, some of whom have been reading with her continuously since she began offering readings to the public. She has been a psychic visionary, remote viewer and empath since birth.


  • Career/Work
  • Lost People/Pets
  • Love/Relationships
  • Lost Items
  • Deceased Loved Ones

Skills & Methods

  • Empath
  • Medium
  • Clairvoyant
  • Remote Viewing
  • Tarot

Tammy begins your reading with a remote view of your surroundings.

She will ask what state you are calling from to ground to your location, and ask you to focus upon your ‘heart center’. This is where all the answers you seek reside. It’s fine to ask a specific question or allow her to just see what comes in.

From Tammy:

Please don’t ‘test’ me with trick questions or resistant, distrustful energy as this will slow down or block the energy needed for a successful reading.

Call me when you need a “Fly on the Wall” to see what is really happening. Where is he tonight? Who is he really with? Where did you lose your keys?


How is my lover feeling about me? What are his intentions? Is our separation temporary? Is he coming back?
I can help you find specific and needed answers to all of your relationship questions.


Lost your beloved pet? Being a remote viewer and huge animal lover, I can tune into your pet’s whereabouts and if he/she is ok, and when/if he will return.


When will you meet your soulmate?
Soulmate sightings are my specialty and are often complete with his name, meeting place and time frame.


I will connect you with those who have crossed over, including pets.

(Please note: Your loved ones most likely will come forward to speak with you, however, at times they do not in a particular reading or time frame. I cannot control when this may or may not happen. Your patience and understanding is appreciated, and I will be completely honest if I feel that i am unable to connect you with them, and we can always try again at another time and I will refund unused minutes.)

Thank you for your interest. I look forward to speaking with you soon. I invite you to visit my website to read more testimonials from my clients to give you an idea of what may come up in readings.


Virginia Beach, VA, USA, Virginia Beach, VA, United States, Virginia Beach, Virginia, USA, Virginia Beach, Virginia, United States

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