Stop wondering and know!

Hi there, I’m Terrie and I’ll help you uncover obstacles to reaching your goals in a kind hearted, honest, compassionate manner. I’m a spiritual advisor based out of Los Angeles and have been publicly TESTED and VALIDATED as an ETHICAL and ACCURATE psychic.

My approach is sincere, authentic, and with a side of humor.

As a psychic I use various tools like Loteria cards and Playing cards, angel cards, psychometry, photo energy readings, and my most popular for an in-person sessions, the water bowls.

I’ll bring you pieces of information that you will be able to validate and truly know that I’m connecting with you bringing messages of hope, healing, and comfort to you.

I come from a family of women who have psychic talents and these ‘insights/impressions’ have been cultivated and nurtured my whole life. There came a point where I needed formal training so I knew how to use these gifts properly and with responsibility. I’ve been lucky enough to learn from and be mentored by various teachers from the Arthur Findley College in the UK.

Also new to my practice is longer term Intuitive Life Coaching. You can learn more at

Thanks so much for checking out my profile. I hope you feel I’m a good fit for you because I’m excited to be working with you!

Additional Information:

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*I have a beautiful spiritual community that has workshops, group readings, and energy shifting sessions. Check it out here:

*Being a California native, I grew up in the heart of the San Fernando Valley, graduating from Cal State Northridge with a BA in Arts, Media, and Communication, and I make sure to continually take courses/seminars so that I don’t get rusty. I find it really important to keep studying and learning as growth is important!

*My background is in theater and media advertising, which gives me an edge with business knowledge, and makes me a ‘people person’. It’s also keeps me grounded in ‘the real world’. Which only benefits the folks I’m reading.

*I get hired for private parties, corporate events, fundraisers, and larger scale gallery readings in addition to private readings and am available for you! Phone readings work the same as face-to-face readings and one isn’t better than the other.


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