My name is Thena, and I am a transcendental astrologer, IAM Yoga Nidra™ Facilitator, published illustrator, designer, and intuitive channel for spirit. It is my greatest commitment to reveal the inner light within you so that you may recognize your purpose in this life and receive the love available to you when you open to receive.

I have studied astrology for eight years, giving hundreds of readings, teaching classes, and providing educational content so that this knowledge can be restored once again to guide humanity on the path of compassion and Self-awareness.

What is astrology and how does it relate to me?

I believe that today, as humans, we have chosen to incarnate onto this Earth to complete karmic cycles, release fear, and awaken our inner potentials to the highest expression of the divine, within. When we are born we are given a unique, planetary impression — a collection of energies that encompass not only our Earthly personality but the lessons we have come to learn in accordance with our Soul’s evolution. An experienced astrologer has the ability to read these energies through the medium of the natal chart, which is like a map of the planets’ positions in the sky at the time of our birth, but the transcendental approach I take allows an even deeper interpretation.

So, what is the transcendental approach you take?

When I connect intuitively with your chart I am able to communicate directly with aspects of your higher Self to illuminate the most important messages that need to be received to reveal to you the true light of who you are.

This method is designed to facilitate an experience of complete acceptance for the Self so that love can flow freely to the parts we do not yet recognize as worthy. When we open ourselves to receiving joy for who we are, we can move out of fear, stagnation, Self-doubt, and shame — releasing old debt cycles and freeing us up to consciously create the life we are called to lead.
In addition, my specialization in soul purpose and karmic astrology allows me to see the areas in your life that require the most attention for your own spiritual evolution. Using the North and South Node, along with planets such as Saturn, Pluto, and Uranus, I have discovered that the lessons of past lives can be utilized in this lifetime to help us become aware of our innate talents. In turn, we may use these talents as tools to move toward a more creative, empowered future for ourselves that is in alignment with what we came here on this Earth school to learn.


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